Asset Management Consulting

Cornerstone's investment committee utilizes a proven process to develop comprehensive investment solutions for each client.

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Portfolio Design
  • Manager Selection
  • Performance Analysis
  • Customized Performance Reporting
  • Fiduciary Compliance
  • Comprehensive Monitoring

Gift & Estate Design Consulting

Cornerstone provides support for your planned giving staff and can assist in the preparation of estate and gift design proposals.

  • Field Staff Support
  • Deferred Gift Consulting
  • Donor Support
  • Complex Gift Support
  • Document Review
  • Gift Analysis

Planned Giving Administration

Cornerstone provides complete administration and compliance for all types of planned gifts including Charitable Trusts, Gift Annuity Programs, and Donor Advised and Endowment Funds.

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Distribution Processing
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Fund Tracking
  • Federal and State Tax Returns
  • K-1 and 1099 Preparation
  • Reserve Calculations
  • State Compliance

Our Approach to Asset Management



The first step in our process is a comprehensive analysis of your existing investment program. This diagnosis indicates the subsequent steps in the process and highlights any unusual circumstances of which we must be aware.


Identity Goals & Constraints

Following diagnosis, we identify goals, objectives and constraints including those unique to your specific situation.


Develop Investment Policy

This information is distilled into a comprehensive, written investment policy statement for each portfolio. The tenets of modern portfolio theory are integrated with current investment insights. These insights take into consideration current business cycles and sociopolitical, economic developments and climates to yield flexible investment strategies and concrete documentation that fulfills all fiduciary requirements.


Develop Appropriate Allocation Models

The investment policy statement culminates in an asset allocation recommendation. Effective diversification of the selected asset classes will result in an efficient portfolio that optimizes risk and return, thereby satisfying stated goals and achieving fiduciary compliance.


Select Manager Universe

After the portfolio design is completed, Cornerstone selects asset managers from a broad database. Selection is predicated upon multiple performance factors including volatility, correlation and compatibility with client objectives and policies.


Monitor Managers/Accounting & Reporting

Managers are monitored for performance and compliance. They are evaluated relative to their peers and relative to an appropriate, pre-established benchmark. Managers with deficiencies are recommended for replacement. Portfolio progress is evaluated utilizing a combination of third-party benchmarks and policy objectives.


Cornerstone's process assists clients in achieving the following goals:

Implement systematic investment philosophy

Improve fiduciary compliance

Enhance risk adjusted return

Capitalize "known" sources of return